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Laurence Mathews Artograph Tracer
Enlarges flat artwork and small 3-D objects from 2 X to 14 X.
versatile art projector for the beginning artist or crafter, and Artograph's bestseller. The Tracer enlarges any design or pattern onto a wall or easel from 2 to 14 times the original size.
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Stock code: 2254509



Art projectors project an image onto a work surface for tracing and visualizing.
This allows the artist, crafter, or designer to size, view or lay out a particular design with incredible speed and accuracy, while maintaining integrity and control. An image can be reproduced exactly or used as a proportioning guide to aid in the creation of a new design. Size your logo with accuracy or add your face to Mount Rushmore. Scale with exact precision or be fanciful and free.
Above all, get to the fun part faster with a projector from Artograph«.
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