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Laurence Mathews Magic Markers
Magic Markers

The sets come in a nice sturdy case.
Cool Grey Set
These twin tipped markers have a chisel tip and also a fine tip for more versatility. The cool grey range includes the following 12 colours. C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9, A131 Steel, A144 Ash Grey, A99 Super Black.

Landscape Set
12 colours. A180 tinting grey, A131 Steel, A440 Pale Process Blue, A141 Minoan Grey, A269 Light Walnut, A287 Sand, A207 Pale Sepia, A628 Putty, A606 Yellow Green, A617 Pale Olive, A667 Olive, A401 Flagstone Blue.

Architectural Set
The Architectural range includes the following 12 colours. A712 Orientale, A525 Norfolk Violet, A142 Grecian Grey, A638 Marine Green, A608 Lime Green, A144 Ash grey, A140 Franciscan Grey, C2 Cool grey, W3 Warm Grey, A180 Tinting Grey, W5 Warm grey

Portrait Set
C1 Cool grey, A191 Brick White, A810 Oyster Beige, A808 Powder Pink, A822 Barely Beige, A812 Blush, A302 Lipstick Natural, a276 Dark Bark, W2 Warm Grey, A144 Ash Grey, A140 Franciscan grey, A525 Norfolk violet.

Spectrum Set
A567 Lavender, A345 Magenta, A300 red, A310 Cadmium Red, A802 cadmium Orange, A803 Chrome Orange, A700 Yellow, A610 Light Green, A677 Nile Green, A679 Blue Green, A447 Process Blue, M100 Black.
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